Who can apply

Everyone is welcomed

Employed and earning a salary

Self employed with proof of income

Unemployed but with some provable proof of income.

I am under Debt Admin/Review

You are more than welcomed to apply and we can also assist you with your debt admin or review by removing them and assist you with your debts.

Will I be put under debt admin or review

NO…You can still have access to opening new credits and depending to your affordability and score and again as long it is under the NCR regulations not to indebt yourself more.

Can I get any car I want

Yes as long long it is from 2005 model.

I do not have a Driver’s License

Not necessarily as you can nominate someone with a valid driver’s license to be your driver until such time you are in possession of your own license.

I do not have a deposit

Its ok as there is no need for you to panic about paying the required deposit,but if you do not want to pay the deposit the installment will be a bit higher than the deposit paid one.

Do yo have your own cars

No..We do not own any cars ,we get cars from the people who are wiling to give them up to us to rent to own to our clients and for them to take over their installments,we also have few dealerships that we have an agreement with to can sell their cars with our rent to own options and criteria

Can I change the vehicle after some time.

Yes you can do that after 12 months and can be used as the trade in and it will be evaluated to determine its value

Tracker and Insurance

All cars will come with tracker and insurance and if you want your own insurance please talk to our staff for further assistance and information.

What if the car gets stolen or get involved in an accident

The insurance included in your monthly payment will be there to cover it.

For how long can I rent to own the car

From 12 months to 72 months

Are there any upfront fees to pay?

No – except for the Contract fee of R1500,to pay our attorneys to draft a contract between you and the owner of the car or a dealership

Will I have limited kilometers

No..You can drive the car as much as you want,unlimited kilometers.

How to Apply

You can apply online or you can download the form or you can request the application form be sent to your email,after yo have filled in the application form please send the required documents.

Can i use the car for Uber purposes.

Yes you can